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Teethgap and orthofill keep slipping off?

I have a gap in between my two front teeth and I found these two products as a cheap way to close it. Originally I bought orthofill and I would put it on before I went to bed and every night it would fall off. So I bought Teethgap but the same thing is happening!…

In Victoria (BC), which dental clinic is the best?

I’m looking for a dentist and hygeinist that won’t stab my gums to death and make me leave nail-marks on the armrests when I go in for a cleaning/checkup. Any recommendations? Thanks a pile!

without cutting down or giving up smoking, what is the best way to get rid of a smokers cough?

without cutting down or giving up smoking, what is the best way to get rid of a smokers cough?

How can I lost my virgincy?

Children at my school laugh at me that I’m still a virgin. How can I loose my virgincy fast?

How do I remedy a pulled groin?

I was playing hockey, skating very hard, when I hyper extended my leg at the groin (just simply from skating). The pain was deep and tremendous. It has been over 4 weeks since this injury occured. Any advice how to speed up the healing process? I do not believe it’s a hernia. There is no…

for girls who dont have their periods yet

how many of you want your period badly??? i know i cant wait

How do you get out of a gym membership contrat.?

More specifically, I’m with Bally’s. These people are a pain in the butt. The sent me a letter telling me that they’re renewing my contract…I didn’t a gree to this. I want out!!!!

How can i motivate myself to go to the gym?

Well i have a 12 month membership and its to far to walk there.. And i love being in the gym , i love working out , BUUt i always make excuses to not go (to myself) i get a ride from my parents, but i never feel like going heheh hard to explain, basicly…