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Teethgap and orthofill keep slipping off?

I have a gap in between my two front teeth and I found these two products as a cheap way to close it. Originally I bought orthofill and I would put it on before I went to bed and every night it would fall off. So I bought Teethgap but the same thing is happening!…

Canadians respond please?

Hello! My name is william, I’m eighteen and I’m Brazilian. I have a curiosity, what is the size of you penis? Do not get me wrong the question is that a friend who has lived in Canada and she said that in her opinion the men of Brazil has the largest penis and are warmer,…

if 10%the population got hiv?

and hiv is a deadly virus, why are the 10% prefectly healthy and sometimes are not even aware of their std?

Is there a diffrence if i…..?

Push 10lbs 2 times or 20lbs once which one will be more effective so i understand that low reps high waight is for strength and low weight high reps is for picture only???

Who knows how to help meniere’s disease?

Any meniere disease stories, thoughts, tips, etc. welcome. Thanks! Help with in terms of know anything that can be done to stop it, reduce the effects, etc.

What to eat post gall bladder surgery………(HELP!)?

After just having my gall bladder removed I am finding that what ever I eat causes stomach upset and I was hoping that others who have gone down this path would share what worked for them. It was an emergency surgery on March 9th/06. I have been eatting low fat meals with grains, fruits and…